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Ali Baba slot game review

Ali Baba Overview

“Ali Baba” is a thrilling slot game from Jili Gaming that brings the classic tale of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” to life. With five reels and 30 lines, players have the chance to unlock treasures beyond their wildest dreams. This game is designed to immerse players in the adventure and excitement of seeking hidden riches.

Game NameAli Baba
DeveloperJili Gaming
Release Date2021
Gameplay6 reels, 5 rows, 30 paylines
Special FeaturesFree Spins, Mega Ways, Wilds, Multipliers
Maximum Multiplier2000x
PlatformsWindows, Android, Mac, HTML5
Supported LanguagesSimplified Chinese / English / Japanese / Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian / Burmese / Spanish / Portuguese / Korean

Game Rules of Jili Slot PH Ali baba

  • Winning combinations are formed when matching symbols appear in succession on a payline, starting from the leftmost reel and moving right.
  • The game features 32,400 Megaways, offering a large number of potential winning combinations.
  • Only the highest payout per payline is awarded.
  • To calculate winnings, multiply your bet amount by the payline’s payout value (Winnings = Bet x Pay).
  • In the event of a malfunction, the game round will be considered void.

Special Features

Ali Baba Treasure Chest Symbol

Treasure Chest Multiplier Symbols

Base Game:

  • Only x1 multiplier treasure chests appear.
  • Multipliers are collected and accumulate before a win.
  • The accumulated multiplier is applied to the next winning score.

Free Games:

  • Treasure chests with x1 to x4 multipliers are randomly assigned.
  • Multipliers accumulate regardless of wins and stay until the end of free games.


  • Collected treasure chest multipliers reset when the board clears (“skyfall”).
Ali Baba Long Wild Normal Wild Symbol

Long Wild and Normal Wild

  • Long Wild: A single symbol composed of 4 stacked Normal Wilds, appearing only on the top row of the reels.
  • Normal Wild: A standard Wild symbol that substitutes for any symbol (except Scatter) to help create winning combinations.
Ali Baba Long Scatter Symbol


  • Triggering Free Games: Landing 4 Scatter symbols in the base game awards 10 free games. Each additional Scatter symbol beyond the initial 4 grants 2 more free games.
  • Extending Free Games: During free games, collecting 4 Scatter symbols awards another 10 free games. Each additional Scatter symbol beyond those 4 grants 2 more free games.

Mega Ace Paytable

Explore the paytable to unlock the secrets of Mega Ace’s rewards by understanding its winning combinations and payouts.

Ali Baba Thief Symbol


6 X 4
5 X 2.5
4 X 2
3 X 1.5

Morgiana Symbol


6 X 2.5
5 X 1.5
4 X 1.25
3 X 1

Ali Baba Golden coin Symbol

Golden coin

6 X 2.5
5 X 1.5
4 X 1.25
3 X 0.5

Ali Baba Emerald Ring Symbol

Emerald Ring

6 X 1.5
5 X 1
4 X 0.75
3 X 0.4

Ali Baba Dagger Symbol


6 X 0.75
5 X 0.6
4 X 0.5
3 X 0.3

Oil Jar symbol

Oil Jar

6 X 0.75
5 X 0.6
4 X 0.5
3 X 0.3

Ali Baba A Symbol


6 X 0.5
5 X 0.4
4 X 0.3
3 X 0.2

Ali Baba K Symbol


6 X 0.5
5 X 0.4
4 X 0.3
3 X 0.2

Ali Baba Q Symbol


6 X 0.2
5 X 0.15
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.05

Ali Baba J Symbol


6 X 0.2
5 X 0.15
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.05

Ali Baba Ten Symbol


6 X 0.2
5 X 0.15
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.05

Free Spin Take a Bet and Spin the Wheel!

Ali Baba Free Spin
  • The multiplier of the treasure chest in the free game is determined randomly by the reels prior to entry.
  • The selection outcome dictates the multiplier of the treasure chest symbol during the free game and can reach up to X4.
  • Additionally, the starting cumulative multiplier for the free game will be the same as the selected multiplier.

Game Rules

  1. Payouts are based on the paytable and are awarded from left to right.
  2. The potential number of ways to win can reach up to 32,400.
  3. Each line only counts the highest win. To calculate your payout, you need to multiply your bet by the payout value.
  4. In case of a game error, all plays and payouts will be voided.
Game rules of super ace


If you’re seeking thrilling slot adventures and the promise of big rewards, ‘Ali Baba’ is your treasure chest of excitement. With its vibrant Arabian Nights setting, special features like free spins and multipliers, and a massive number of ways to win, this game beckons you to step into the legendary tale and uncover riches beyond your dreams. Sign up for a Jilislot PH account today and discover the excitement that Ali Baba offers you.

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