Unlock the Thrills of Boxing King: A Slot Game Guide

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Boxing King Overview

Boxing King is a knockout slot game created by Jili Provider, packing the excitement of the boxing world into the realm of online gaming. Launched in 2020, this game has become a favorite among players seeking action-packed reels and big win opportunities. With 88 ways to win and a chance to score up to a 2000X bonus, Boxing King promises a thrilling experience with every spin.
Game TitleBoxing King
ProviderJili Gaming
Win Ways88 ways
Max Multiplier2000X
Special FeaturesReel WILDs, Extra Multiplier Free Games
PlatformsWindows, Android, Mac, HTML5
LanguagesMultiple, including English and Spanish

How To Play JILI Boxing King Slot Machine

  • If a symbol appears three times consecutively, starting from the first reel and going left to right, the player wins.
  • The player’s earnings are calculated by multiplying the multiplier and the player’s bet.
  • There are a total of 88 paylines. The payline with the highest score is the only one paid out.
  • If there is any error that prevents the game from being decided, it is considered invalid.

Free Spin Features

This game elevates the excitement with its Free Spin features. Landing Scatter symbols can unlock a series of free spins, where players have the chance to multiply their wins with an extra multiplier. This bonus round not only increases the potential for higher payouts but also adds an extra layer of thrill to the game.

Boxing King free spin features

Free Game - Combo Multiplier

The JILI Boxing King Slot Machine keeps things exciting with a combo multiplier that enhances your winnings. This multiplier starts at x2 for the second consecutive clear in each spin. With each subsequent clear, the multiplier increases:

  1. “The combo multiplier” is displayed as x2, x3, x5, x6, and x8.
  2. Points won each clear will be multiplied based on the current “combo multiplier”.
  3. “The second clear” of each spin has a multiplier starting from x2.
  4. Multiplier is increased to x3 for “the third clear” of each spin.
  5. Multiplier is increased to x5 for “the fourth clear” of each spin.
  6. Multiplier is increased to x6 for “the fifth clear” of each spin.
  7. Multiplier is increased to the final x8 for “the sixth or after clear” of each spin.
  8. If the player does not win points, the “combo multiplier” resets to x2, and starts the next spin.

Free Game-Free Spin

When it comes to free games, JILI Boxing King Slot Machine offers an exhilarating experience. If you obtain Free Spins during a spin, they won’t be used immediately. Instead, they accumulate until no more clears can be made. Once this happens, you win extra free games based on the number of Free Spins symbols obtained. Each reel has only one Free Spins symbol, allowing for a maximum of 5 free games.

  1. During a free game, if a free spin is obtained during the current spin, it will not be cleared, and will remain until no more clears can be made. The player will then win extra free games based on the number of symbols obtained. The number is reset for the next spin.
  2. Each reel only has one free spin, for a maximum of 5 total.
  3. The number of free spin symbols obtained equals the number of free games won.

Game Symbols

The symbols in the game Boxing King are essential for determining your wins. By shaping the dynamics of the game, they increase your likelihood of landing big prizes. These symbols include both Wild and Scatter symbols.

Boxing King Wild symbol


The Wild symbol in the game is your wildcard! It can replace any other symbol except for Scatter and Free Spins, helping you complete winning combinations. Wilds appear on the 3rd and 4th reels during normal gameplay. In free spins, they appear on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels.

Boxing King Scatter symbol


Watch out for Scatter symbols while playing to get free spins. 3 or more Scatters activate the Free Spins feature, which multiplies your earned points by the initial bet. Use Scatters wisely as they are not available during free games.

  • Scatter x 3 = 8 rounds
  • Scatter x 4 = 12 rounds
  • Scatter x 5 = 20 rounds

Agent Ace Paytable

Symbol multipliers vary based on the number of major symbols present on each reel and are displayed below the icons.

Boxing King Red Boxer Elements

5 X 5
4 X 2
3 X 0.5

Boxing King Blue Boxer Elements

5 X 4
4 X 1.6
3 X 0.4

Boxing King Red Boxer Gloves Elements

5 X 3
4 X 1.2
3 X 0.3

Boxing King Blue Fist Elements

5 X 2.5
4 X 1
3 X 0.25

Boxing King Red Boxer Trunks Elements

5 X 2
4 X 0.8
3 X 0.2

Boxing King Blue Trunks Elements

5 X 1.5
4 X 0.6
3 X 0.15

Boxing King Ace Slot Elements
Boxing King K Slot Elements

5 X 1
4 X 0.4
3 X 0.1

Boxing King Q Slot Elements
Boxing King J Slot Elements

5 X 0.5
4 X 0.2
3 X 0.05

Game Rules

Boxing King follows straightforward rules:

  1. Wins occur from left to right, starting from the first reel when a symbol appears 3 times in a row.
Boxing King game rules

2. Wins are calculated as the Multiplier times the Player’s bet.

Boxing King pay lines mechanic

3. The game features 88 paylines, but only the highest-scoring payline is paid.
4. In case of a game error, the round is void.


Boxing King by Jili Provider is an exhilarating slot game that brings the fierce competition of boxing into the online gaming scene. Its combination of 88 win ways, up to a 2000X multiplier bonus, and unique features like reel WILDs and extra multiplier free games make it a must-try for any online slot game enthusiast. Whether you’re a boxing fan or just looking for a game that promises both fun and the opportunity for big wins, Boxing King will surely deliver a knockout gaming experience.

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