Discover the Riches of Fortune Gems: A Slot Game Overview

Fortune Gems Quick Review​

Fortune Gems Quick Review

“Fortune Gems” is a vibrant slot game on Jilislotph, transporting players to a world filled with symbols of prosperity inspired by Indian mythology. The play centers around the Garuda symbol, a powerful emblem of wealth. Bursting this symbol can unlock the door to multiple jackpots, with the odds increasing as bets rise. Players stand a chance to win one of five jackpots, making every spin a potential key to untold riches.
Game NameFortune Gems
DeveloperJili Slot PH
ThemeIndian Mythology (Garuda – symbol of wealth)
Extra Bets ModeIncreases significant probability of high multiplier symbol
Highest Multiplier375X
Reels and Rows3X3 Reels, 5 lines
Supported PlatformsWindows, Android, Mac, HTML5
Supported LanguagesSimplified Chinese / English / Japanese / Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian / Burmese / Spanish / Portuguese / Korean
Launch Year2021

Multiplier Bonus Wheel

Fortune Gems Multiplier Bonus Wheel
  • The fourth wheel is your Special Wheel, where landed multipliers can dramatically boost your winnings.
  • All winning payouts are multiplied by the rate shown at the center of this special reel.
  • Regular bets offer multipliers of 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 15x.
  • Activate Extra Bets for a chance at even higher multipliers on the Special Wheel!
  • Extra Bets significantly increase your odds of landing those big multiplier symbols.
Fortune Gems ExtraBet Symbol

Extra bets

  • Players can activate Extra Bets by increasing your bet amount by 50%.
  • The winnings from Extra Bets are calculated using the same formula as regular winnings, ensuring consistency in how your rewards are determined.

This feature allows for enhanced gameplay and the potential for higher payouts, giving you more opportunities to win big.

Fortune Gems Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol

The special WILD symbol in Fortune Gems plays a crucial role because it can substitute for any other symbol in the game. This significantly boosts your chances of hitting a winning combination.

Fortune Gems Paytable

Standard symbols in vibrant colors boost the game’s appeal, which include:

Fortune Gems Wild Symbol

3 X 25

Fortune Gems Red Gemstone Symbol

3 X 20

Fortune Gems Blue Gemstone Symbol

3 X 15

Fortune Gems Green Gemstone Symbol

3 X 12

Fortune Gems A Symbol

3 X 10

Fortune Gems K Symbol

3 X 8

Fortune Gems Q Symbol

3 X 5

Fortune Gems J Symbol

3 X 2

Game Rules

Playing Fortune Gems is straightforward:

  • You win by lining up three symbols in a row, starting from the left reel and going right.
  • To figure out your winnings, multiply your bet by the payout and then divide by five.
  • If there’s a game malfunction, all bets and plays are voided.
  • You have the freedom to change your bet amount and mode whenever you like, giving you more control over your play.
Fortune Gems Game Mechanics


Fortune Gems is an exciting slot game that blends the thrill of chance with the promise of riches. It offers various ways to increase your winnings, such as the Extra Bets Mode and dynamic multipliers system. The game supports multiple languages and platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience worldwide. Whether you’re feeling lucky or seeking treasure, Fortune Gems is the perfect game to try your luck and uncover hidden riches. Protection Status
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