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Fortune Monkey Overview

Fortune Monkey

Launched on December 28, 2023, the “Fortune Monkey” of Jili slot promised an enchanting journey across its reels adorned with playful monkeys. Featuring a concise 3×3 grid and 5 betways, this slot provided a straightforward yet entertaining experience. With its low to medium variance, players could expect a harmonious mix of regular wins and the excitement of potential larger payouts.

Game Rules of Jili Slot PH Ali baba

Feature Description
Game Title Fortune Monkey
Launch Year December 28, 2023
Game Type Video Slot
Volatility Low-Med
RTP 96.31%
Technology JS, HTML5
Features Multiplier, Random multiplier, Respins, Wild
Theme Banana, Coconut, Forest, Fortune, Green, Luck, Monkey, Monkeys Theme, Parrot, Tree

Game Rules of Fortune Monkey

Are you ready to play? Follow the simple game rules and win! 

  1. Players win prizes by landing 3 identical symbols on a payline from left to right.
Fortune Monkey game rules
  1. To calculate winnings in “Fortune Monkey,” multiply your bet amount by the odds of the winning combination. If a special reel multiplier is involved, multiply the result by that value. Finally, divide this total by 5 to get your winnings. For example, a bet of 600 with odds of 20 and a unique reel multiplier of 10 would result in winnings of (20 * 600 * 10) / 5 = 24000.
  2. Extra bets require an additional 50% of the original betting amount. Calculate extra bet winnings using the same formula: (Odds x General Bet x Special Reel Multiplier) / 5
  3. Example: A 600 bet with extra bets (total 900) and the same win conditions (odds 20, multiplier 10) yields winnings of (20 x 600 x 10) / 5 = 24000.
  4. Winnings are calculated as the sum of wins across different active paylines.


  • Malfunctions during gameplay void all plays..
  • If a malfunction occurs during a feature game, the system will automatically complete the game and award any corresponding winnings to the player.
  • If an interruption happens after the operator has been notified of the player’s gamble, but the player cannot influence the outcome, the results of the gamble remain valid.

Bonus and Mystery Symbols Feature

To the right of the reels, you’ll see five intimidating gangsters in cages. Each one represents a unique bonus modifier that can activate during respins or the free spins feature. Here’s what they do:

3 X 100

Substitutes for any symbols

3 X 100

Substitutes for any symbols

3 X 15

3 X 12

3 X 10

3 X 8

3 X 5

3 X 2

Special Reel, Free Spin, and Extra Bet Feature

Playing Fortune Monkey is not just about having a good time but also gives you an exciting feeling. Here’s why:

Special Reel

  • The fourth reel is the Special Reel, where multipliers can significantly boost your winnings.
  • Any winning combination that includes a symbol on the Special Reel will have its payout multiplied by the rate shown at the center.
  • General betting multipliers include: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 15x.
  • Extra bets unlock additional multipliers not found in general betting and greatly increase your chances of landing high-rate symbols for larger payouts.


Free Respin Rules

  • Special Reel: The Special Reel does not participate in respins.
  • One Wild Reel Respin: If a single reel holds matching wild symbols but no winning paylines form, you’ll receive a respin on the other reels.
  • Two Wild Reel Respin: If two reels hold matching wild symbols, you’ll get a respin for a chance to land a third matching wild reel.


The respin result must be equal to or better than the initial spin. The initial spin’s winnings are not calculated.

  • Wild Reel Respin During Free Respin: If you trigger a Free Respin with one wild reel and then land another wild reel during the feature, you’ll get an additional respin for the chance to land a third wild reel.


 The respin result must be equal to or better than the initial spin. The initial spin’s winnings are not calculated.


Extra Bet

  • Cost: Extra bets require an additional 50% of your original betting amount.
  • Winning Calculation: Calculate winnings with this formula: (Odds x General Bet x Special Reel Multiplier) / 5! (5 factorial, meaning 54321)
  • Unique Multipliers: Extra bets offer exclusive multipliers not found in general betting.
  • Increased Odds: Extra bets greatly increase your chances of landing high-rate symbols, potentially leading to bigger payouts.


Fortune Monkey delivers a strategic jungle adventure with customizable bets and thrilling features slot game like Multipliers and Respins. Test your luck with the Special Reel for the chance at big wins! For the bold, Extra Bets offers a high-risk, high-reward gamble with exclusive multipliers, but a twist of math keeps payouts in check. Perfect for players who crave strategic betting and the thrill of potential wins!

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