Discover the Riches of JILI CAiSHEN: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

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Jili Caishen

JILI CAISHEN, developed by Jili Gaming provider, transports you into the heart of Chinese mythology with its vibrant symbols and immersive gameplay. Launched in 2022, this slot game blends the luck of traditional icons with the thrill of modern mechanics. Get ready for a fortune-filled adventure with a high multiplier of up to 6750x and exciting bonus features!

Game TypeSlot Game
DeveloperJili Provider
Launch Year2022
Highest Multiplier6750x
Special Features3×5 Board, 9 Lines, Expanding WILDs, Multipliers, Extra Bet Option
PlatformsWindows, Android, Mac, HTML5
LanguagesMultiple, Including English and 简体中文

How to Play Jili Caishen Slot Machine

To start playing the Jili Caishen, players simply press spin the reels. Although this slot machine lacks a bonus round, acquiring a wild card is straightforward. When you hit a wild Chaishen on any reel, it transforms into an entire reel of Chaishen, replacing any symbol.

How to Play Jili Caishen Slot Machine

Understanding the rules is key to maximizing your enjoyment and potential winnings. Here is Jili Caishen guideline:

  • “Jili Caishen” Chinese-themed board game features a 3×5 layout with 9 lines for  gameplay.
  • To win, match symbols from left to right across any of the 9 paylines.
  • Your winnings are your bet multiplied by the odds of your winning combination (this applies to basic and extra bets).
  • You’ll receive the highest possible payout for each payline.
  • If a game has an error and can’t finish, that round doesn’t count.

Jili Caishen Special Features

Wild Card

Jili Caishen Slot Wild Card
  • Substitutes for any symbol: The Wild symbol helps you complete winning combinations by acting as any other symbol you need.
  • Reels 2, 3, and 4 only: Watch for the Wild symbol to appear exclusively on the central reels.
  • Expanding Wild with random multiplier: When a Wild symbol lands, it stretches across the entire reel and gives you a random multiplier (x1, x2, x3, x5, or x10) to boost your wins!
    Stacking multipliers: If you land multiple lines of Wilds, the multipliers combine for even bigger payouts!
  • Free re-spin bonus: Get an automatic free re-spin whenever the Wild symbol shows up!
  • Chain re-spins: Land a new Wild symbol on your re-spin, and you’ll trigger another free re-spin!
    One re-spin limit:
  • You get one free re-spin per round, even if multiple Wilds appeared during the initial spin.

Extra Bet Feature

Jili Caishen Extrabet Slot Symbol
  • Activate Extra Bet: Toggle the Extra Bet switch from OFF to ON to open the selection screen.
  • Choose Your Option:
    Option #1 (5x bet): Guarantees at least 1 line of Wild symbols.
    Option #2 (50x bet): Guarantees at least 2 lines of Wild symbols.
  • Confirm Your Choice: Select your option and click “Confirm” to start playing with the Extra Bet active.
  • Increased Payouts: Extra Bet winnings are calculated by multiplying your Basic Bet with special odds!
  • Separate Basic Bet: The Extra Bet feature has its own Basic Bet amount, independent of your standard bet.
  • Turn Off Anytime: Toggle the Extra Bet switch back to OFF to disable the feature.

Free Spin Features

The allure of JILI CAISHEN is significantly boosted by its free spin capabilities:

  • Expanding Wilds with Multipliers: When a WILD symbol lands, it not only expands but also includes a multiplier for bigger wins.
  • Re-Spin Opportunity: Landing a WILD triggers a free re-spin. If a new WILD appears during the re-spin, another re-spin is awarded, enhancing the chance to win without additional bets.

Jili Caishen Paytable

To win big in Jili Caishen, it’s important to understand the paytable. It shows the symbols that make winning combinations and how much you can win. By studying it, you can improve your chances of winning.

Jili Caishen Pot Of Gold Slot Symbol

5 X 25
4 X 5
3 X 2.5

Jili Caishen Toad With Gold Symbol

5 X 12
4 X 3
3 X 1.5

Jili Caishen Red Packet Hong Bao Symbol

5 X 6
4 X 2.5
3 X 1

Jili Caishen Sack Of Gold Symbol

5 X 5
4 X 2
3 X 0.8

Jili Caishen A Symbol

5 X 4
4 X 1.5
3 X 0.7

Jili Caishen K Symbol

5 X 3
4 X 1
3 X 0.5

Jili Caishen Q Symbol

5 X 3
4 X 1
3 X 0.5

Jili Caishen Game Rules

Understanding the rules is key to maximizing your enjoyment and potential winnings:

  • Wins are given for symbols that appear in a consecutive manner from left to right in the game.
  • Bet calculations are dependent on the basic bet amount multiplied by the odds, which applies to both the Extra Bet Winning and Basic Bet Winning.
  • The highest win on each line is paid out on a total of 9 paylines.
  • In the event of errors, the game round affected is cancelled.
Jili Caishen Game Mechanics


JILI CAISHEN invites you to a thrilling celebration of fortune! Get ready for dazzling Chinese symbols, exhilarating features like expanding WILDs and massive multipliers, and the chance for colossal wins with the unique Extra Bet option. Embrace the power of Caishen, the god of wealth, and spin for legendary payouts! Register and login account now and explore big reward ahead! Protection Status
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