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Lucky Coming

Lucky Coming is a captivating online slot game trending on This game is inspired by Ganesha, the revered deity symbolizing success and prosperity, especially in financial matters. This game stands out for its unique blend of traditional slot elements and innovative features designed to enhance your chances of winning big. With its enchanting theme centered around the elephant-headed god, Lucky Coming promises not only a thrilling gaming experience but also the opportunity to win substantial prizes, with a jackpot multiplier of 1,111 times the bet amount.
Key Points Details
Game Name Lucky Coming
Developer Jili Bet Gaming
Theme Ganesha, the God of Success and Prosperity
Highest Multiplier 1111 times the bet amount
Special Features 3×3 game panel, Wild multipliers, Single payline
Supported Platforms Windows, Android, Mac, HTML5
Supported Languages Multiple including Chinese, English, Spanish, and more
Symbols Elephant head, Golden lotus, Gray lotus, Orange lotus
Unique Selling Point Classic gameplay with the potential for huge wins through a unique Wild symbol multiplier system

How To Play Lucky Coming Slot Machine

  • Payouts will occur if three symbols align consecutively, beginning from the leftmost reel and ending on the right.
  • The amount of winnings will equal the product of the odds and the bet placed.
  • If a payline wins and a special Wild symbol turns into a multiplier, all winnings will be calculated by multiplying the odds, bet placed, and multipliers.
  • Only Wild symbols appearing on the middle reel will be converted into additional multipliers.
  • In the event that a game malfunction occurs, causing the outcome to be unclear, the round in question will be declared invalid.

Game Symbols and Paytable

Lucky Coming features symbols deeply rooted in the game’s thematic essence:

Lucky Coming's wild symbol

Wild symbol

Represents Ganesha, offering the highest rewards of payout is 3×1111. Can substitute any symbols in the game.

Lucky Coming's golden lotus symbol

Golden Lotus

Bringing generous payouts of 3×111.

Lucky Coming's gray lotus symbol

Gray Lotus

Provide varied levels of winnings of is 3×21, adding depth to the game’s paytable.

Lucky Coming's brown lotus symbol

Orange Lotus

Payout is 3×5.

Lucky Coming's any symbol

Any symbol

Payout is 3×1.

The game’s mechanics work in conjunction with these symbols to offer a diverse range of winning opportunities. To achieve the game’s highest payout, it is essential to match the right combination of symbols, with special emphasis on the Wild symbol, which is depicted by Ganesha.

Multiplied by Special Wild

These symbols work collectively with the mechanics of the game to provide a variety of ways to win. In order to obtain the biggest payout possible, it is crucial to match the appropriate set of symbols, with particular attention given to the Wild symbol. Ganesha is represented by the Wild symbol.

Lucky Coming's x3 symbol

x3 All prizes this round x3

Lucky Coming's x5 symbol

x5 All prizes this round x5

Lucky Coming's x9 symbol

X9 All prizes this round x9

Lucky Coming Top Prize

Lucky Coming top prize
  • If three symbols of Elephant head are uncovered, you will receive a generous reward of 3 times 1111, which will surely delight you.
  • Landing three Golden lotus symbols will entitle you to an impressive payout of 3 times 111.
  • If you manage to secure three symbols of Gray lotus, you will be rewarded with a satisfying prize of 3 times 21.
  • Obtaining a set of three Orange lotus symbols guarantees a moderate yet gratifying payout of 3 times 5.
  • Even if you don’t succeed and end up with any symbol, you will still receive a consolation prize of 3 times 1, so there is no need to worry.

Lucky Coming Game Rules

Lucky Coming is straightforward yet engaging, with simple rules:

  1. Payouts are awarded when three symbols align consecutively from the left to the rightmost reel.
  2. The amount won is determined by multiplying the odds by the bet placed.
  3. If the payline results in a win and a Wild symbol transforms into a multiplier symbol, the payout is calculated by multiplying the odds by the bet placed and the multiplier value.
  4. Only Wild symbols that appear on the middle reel can turn into additional multipliers.
  5. In the event that a malfunction occurs and the outcome of a game is unclear, the round will be considered invalid.


Lucky Coming, developed by Jili Slots, is not just an ordinary slot game. Explore the rich tapestry of prosperity symbolized by Ganesha. This game offers classic gameplay, an enchanting theme, and massive win potential.

It is a standout choice for players seeking a rewarding online gaming experience. Whether you’re drawn to its thematic depth or the allure of its high multipliers, Lucky Coming provides a compelling reason to spin the reels and test your luck in the pursuit of prosperity. Protection Status
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