Slot Adventure with the Trial of Phoenix

Trial of Phoenix Overview

Trial of Phoenix Overview

“Trial of Phoenix” is an exciting slot game from Jili Gaming based on the story of the magical phoenix. Mystic Phoenix is said to live for 500 years and then be reborn from its ashes. In the game, you get to help protect the phoenix during this special time, which might reward you with big wins! With a cool theme and fun ways to play, “Trial of Phoenix” is a slot game you won’t find anywhere else.

DeveloperJili Gaming
Layout3×6 grid, expandable to 5×6
Ways to WinStarts at 729, up to 15625
Special FeaturesFree Spins, Mega Ways, Wilds, Multipliers
Signature SymbolsReborn Phoenix, Scatter
Special FeaturesScatter Payouts, Cascading Reels, Layout Expansion, Free Game Feature
Free Game Triggers4 or more Scatter symbols

Trial of Phoenix Game Features

Scatter symbol

Scatter Symbol

This is the SCATTER symbol. It appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the main game, and you can find up to 10 SCATTER symbols at once. SCATTERS pay out big, no matter where they land. Here’s how much you can win:

  • 4 SCATTERS = 5x your bet
  • 5 SCATTERS = 10x your bet
  • 6 SCATTERS = 15x your bet
  • 7 SCATTERS = 20x your bet
  • 8 SCATTERS = 25x your bet
  • 9 SCATTERS = 30x your bet
  • 10 SCATTERS = 35x your bet

Cascading Reels​

  • When you get a winning combination, those symbols (including Scatters) stay on the reels.
  • Symbols that didn’t contribute to your win disappear, and new ones drop down to replace them.
  • If the new symbols add to your win (or form a whole new winning combination), they’ll also stick, and more symbols fall to replace the others.
  • This exciting process continues until no new wins are made. Then, your total winnings are counted up.

Layout Expansion

  • If you get 12 or more winning symbols (including SCATTERS) during your cascades, you unlock an extra row! This makes the grid 4×6 with more ways to win.
  • Hit 18 or more winning symbols (including SCATTERS) in those cascades, and TWO extra rows appear! The grid becomes 5×6 with a huge number of winning possibilities.
  • No matter how big the grid gets, it goes back to the standard 3×6 size for your next spin.

Free Game Feature

Trial of Phoenix free game feature mechanics:

  • If you land 4 or more Scatter symbols in the main game, you’ll get 8 Free Spins.
  • Scatters won’t appear while you’re using your Free Spins.
  • You can only trigger the Free Spins bonus once per main game session.
  • After each cascade during your Free Spins, one of your winning symbols will randomly change into a different symbol.
  • If the upgraded symbol matches another existing symbol (and the symbols are unlocked), you’ll get another cascade with a chance to win more!
  • This cool symbol upgrade feature can only happen once during each Free Spins round.

Trial of Phoenix Symbols and Paytable

The Reborn Phoenix and scatter symbols are the stars of this game! They make the story come alive and are your key to unlocking special features and big wins.

Reborn Phoenix symbol

Reborn Phoenix

6 X 2
5 X 1.2
4 X 0.8
3 X 0.6

Reborn egg symbol

Reborn egg

6 X 1.2
5 X 1
4 X 0.6
3 X 0.4

Flaming Fethers Symbol

Red Gem

6 X 1
5 X 0.8
4 X 0.5
3 X 0.3

Red Gem symbol

Green Gem

6 X 0.8
5 X 0.6
4 X 0.4
3 X 0.25

Trial of Phoenix Green Gem symbol

Blue Gem

6 X 0.6
5 X 0.4
4 X 0.25
3 X 0.2

Trial of Phoenix Blue Gem symbol


6 X 0.4
5 X 0.25
4 X 0.2
3 X 0.15

Trial of Phoenix A symbol


6 X 0.25
5 X 0.2
4 X 0.15
3 X 0.1

Trial of Phoenix K symbol


6 X 0.25
5 X 0.2
4 X 0.15
3 X 0.1

Trial of Phoenix Q symbol


6 X 0.2
5 X 0.15
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.05

Trial of Phoenix J symbol


6 X 0.2
5 X 0.15
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.05

Trial of Phoenix 10 symbol


6 X 0.2
5 X 0.15
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.05

Game Rules

  • Start with a 6×3 slot and 729 ways to win. Unlock extra rows and boost those winning possibilities up to a huge 5×6 grid with 15,625 ways to win!
  • Wins are calculated from left to right on active paylines. Only the highest win per line gets paid out.
  • Your winnings are based on the symbol odds multiplied by your bet amount.
  • Multiple line wins add up for exciting payouts!
  • Bets during your Free Spins stay the same as the spin that triggered them.
  • Glitches don’t ruin your wins. In case of a malfunction, the system will fairly complete the game and pay out what you’re owed.
  • If a game gets interrupted unexpectedly, the results you’ve already locked in will always be honored.
  • This game has a generous Return to Player (RTP) of 97%
Trial of phoenix game rule


“Trial of Phoenix” by Jili Gaming is a super cool slot game with a magical story, available on JiliSlotPH —a platform where you can play this enthralling game. It’s about a powerful bird that comes back to life, boasting exciting features and beautiful graphics. This slot game isn’t just about winning—it’s a whole adventure. If you enjoy stories or action-packed games, you’ll definitely love “Trial of Phoenix”. Protection Status
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